About RPJ

headbands, bows, handmade


Growing up in Bethesda, Maryland, I was introduced to headbands and bows at an early age. You could say I’ve been a little obsessed with them since the day my mom, also known as Coco, clipped a bow on my head for nursery school in the early 90’s. Thereafter, I wore a bow almost every day through pre-school. When I wasn’t in school, you could find me in Coco's dressing room, trying on her many headbands, several of which she still owns and wears today. 

After searching for the perfect headband this past spring, I was frustrated by how difficult it was to find one that met all of my standards for clothes and accessories—cute, quality-made, comfortable and well-priced. Fed up, I decided to deconstruct one of the, no offense, but cheaply made and uncomfortable, headbands I had bought online, and I created my own. As I wore my headbands around town, people began asking me if they could purchase one, so I started making them for family and friends. As I widened my circle, I began to receive requests for not only women, but to my surprise, girls of all ages. Shortly thereafter, RY BANDS (as my sister so cleverly called them) were born.

In making and selling my RY BANDS, my hope is to provide you with something that you can enjoy everyday; something that’s unique, comfortable, quality and timeless. Most importantly, I hope that my RY BANDS bring the same excitement that I had, trying on my mom's headbands in her dressing room, to the little girls  and women who wear them today.


RPJ (aka Ryan)